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5 x 9 Metre Knight's Tent (Various Colours)

5 x 9 Metre Knight's Tent (Various Colours)


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Medieval Knights Tent/Marquee 5x9 Metres

Perfect for historical reenactments, events and parties.
Dimensions: approx 5.00 m x 9,00 m
Center height: 3.50 m
Side height: 2,00 m

This medieval tent consists of a canvas roof and four canvas sidewalls
including 3 bars dividable standing iron bars 3.50 m, 2 x 2.00m iron roof bars and 24 x 2.10m wooden side bars. 22 hemp guy ropes 10mm thick with wooden clamps and 46 pegs.

350 gsm fabric impregnated with anti water, fungi and rot treatment

Weight: approx 129 kg

Does Not Include Ground Sheet

We stock Live Action Role Play (LARP) marquees to suit any purpose and event. 

We also stock military style marquees and mess tents, ideal for scouts groups, shows and re-enactment groups.