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6 x 4 Metre Maiden's Tent

6 x 4 Metre Maiden's Tent


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6x4 Metre Maidens Tent

Brand new and beautifully styled, this 6x4 metre maidens marquee is oozing with medieval charm. Like all our tents it is made from heavy duty 350 gsm canvas fabric, impregnated with anti water, fungus and rot treatment
This tent's features include:
Dimensions:approx 4.00 m x 6.00 m
Center height: 3.00 m
Side height: 1.20 m
Entrance Height: 1.80 m
Entrance width: 1.00 m
The tentconsists of two parts (roof / side panels)
including 2 high bars, a roof rack and 2 rods for the canopy.
20cotton ropes, pegs 20 large and 19 small pegs.
350 gsm fabric impregnated with water, fungus and rot

Weight: 76 kg

Does not include ground sheet

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